“Books are solitudes in which we met.” – Rebecca Solnit

For as far back as I can remember, reading has been more than a past time for me. Reading is breakfast; it is a hot shower; it is sleep on the perfect pillow. Sure, I could go a day without it. But why on earth would I?

Chronic Bibliophilia chronicles my journey as I endeavor to become a ridiculously well-read human being. Part of that journey includes probing what I mean by “well-read”. Having reviewed countless lists, books about books, awards lists, and literary prescriptions, I am disappointed but not surprised by the lack of diversity represented among the “must-read” lists.

DSC_0401When we, as bookworms and consumers of words, embark upon a book, we are listening to an other’s voice. We are learning an other’s point of view. We are expanding our minds, embracing our world, and acknowledging our differences. We need to push our boundaries and seek broader voices.

Through 2 to 3 posts each week, this blog provides reflections, reviews, and recommendations from a reading list focused on supporting and highlighting the voices that continue to face suppression. I believe that this project has changed not just what I read, but how I read and how I think. I hope you’ll join me on my literary odyssey.

Contact me:
email: chronicbibliophiliablog@gmail.com
twitter: @chronicbib
Facebook: Chronic Bibliophilia Blog

“She was always magically, magnetically drawn to books. Even if she didn’t read them, she would want to smell them or to run her fingers over the pages or just flip through them.” – Heather O’Neill, The Lonely Hearts Hotel


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  1. Great idea! I have recently started tracking male/female authors and was shocked to find (like you, as an avid reader & feminist) that well over half the books I read were by male authors. I am making a concerted effort to read more female authors this year, and am really happy to have found your blog!


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