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A Month at the Library…

It’s July, officially summer – at least in my part of the world. My garden is finally abloom, the vegetables are starting to sprout, and my To Be Read list grows with each summer storm. With the days of heat-inspired laze ahead, I’ve decided to embark on a mini-project: I will spend this month reading books I’ve borrowed through my local library system. I have always been a faithful library patron and am eternally grateful for the existence of public libraries. Why not celebrate that dedication, in my own bookish way, by featuring the variety of gems at my disposal?

I combed through my Goodreads hopefuls, fired off a bevy of requests, and found that my eyes may be bigger than my proverbial stomach, but I am very excited at the menu ahead. Here is my tax-supported, publicly available, library book haul:


I’ve gathered a nice variety of genres and topics, lengths and formats. There are graphic novels, memoirs, essays, literary fiction, sci-fi, works in translation. There are brief novels and weighty tomes. I know, too, that there are missing elements – better representation of people of color, immigration, historical fiction, poetry. These are areas I try to cover with decent regularity, so I will acknowledge the lack and commit to addressing it again in the months ahead. And who knows? Perhaps I’ll have a highly prolific reading month and can add better representation to this month’s project. Whatever comes, I hope to give my library card and my creaky brain a good July workout. Hope you’ll enjoy the journey with me!

7 thoughts on “A Month at the Library…”

  1. Great to hear of a fellow enthusiast for the public library system. Ours in the UK is under severe pressure with more and more administrative areas closing branches or converting them to community run/volunteer based services which is not the same thing at all. Hold on to yours for as long as you can


    1. I absolutely will. I am lucky to live in a town with a particularly well-supported and well-run library. But who knows the future, as our ignorance-embracing President moves forward! Scary thought!


  2. A wonderful mix! I love seeing all the covers layed out. I think I’m going to have to put the Irby on my TBR, also maybe The Animators. Hurrah for using your public library! It’s an amazing thing!


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